St. Benedict the Abbot Parish Survey

The St. Benedict the Abbot Pastoral Council is conducting a survey of parishioners to gather ideas on how we can become an even more vibrant faith community. Your responses will guide the development of our Parish.

The survey draws on the essential qualities of parish life, which include the Eucharist, Faith Formation, Evangelization, and Stewardship. It will also focus on your personal experience and view of St. Benedict the Abbot Church.

The Council asks ALL adult members of the parish, age 18+, to complete the survey. We ask that you complete the survey NO LATER THAN JUNE 30TH, 2017 .

Survey results will be shared with the parish once the information is compiled.

This survey will be conducted by Marshall Marketing, Pittsburgh PA and is designed to ensure that responses are anonymous. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold to or shared with an outside party.

The St. Benedict the Abbot Pastoral Council truly appreciates your taking the time to participate in this survey! Thank you for providing your input.


How to take the survey:

The following questions are about you, unless "household" is specifically mentioned in the question.

Throughout the survey, after answering each question, select the "Next" button to advance to the next question. If you forget to answer a question you will be prompted to do so before continuing the survey.

Please read all questions carefully and mark a response for each.

Some questions may ask for only one response, while others may allow for several responses.

Some questions will allow you to type in a short, personal answer.

If the notification, "Please answer question #1 and click the Next button again.", appears, it is referring to the current question on your screen. This means you may not have selected an answer, or you may not have answered all parts of a question. Simply ensure that you have selected a response, or answered all parts of question when applicable, and you may continue to the next page.